Osomatsu-san: The Universality of Crude Review

Osomatsu-san is the sequel to the much older, nostalgia-inducing (in Japan) series Osomatsu-kun from the 60's. As a Westerner I have no familiarity with the previous program, but I can say with certainty that the updated, 21st century anime, which now features the Osomatsu family sextuplets all grown up, is hilarious.

Humor is a difficult thing to translate to international audiences, as comedy tends to be the most diverse and culturally unique genre. All humans are afraid of monsters. All humans are enamored by romance. But what's funny to an Englishman isn't always funny to a Russian. And what's funny to an American isn't funny to a German because they don't seem to find anything funny. Ever.

But Osomatsu-san delivers. Every episode got several laughs out of me despite how numerous comedy anime, never getting me to crack a smile because, as an American, I don't find breasts and numerical puns very amusing.

That's the beauty of Osomatsu-san. The jokes are crude. They are bizarre but tend to focus on aspects of humanity that are universal. Lavatorial and slapstick, muddled into the very bizarre and surreal world in which attractive young women don fish costumes and telepathic cats reveal our innermost insecurities, makes for a delightful anime.

Don't miss this program. The unique animation style and the constant stream of genuine, albeit crass, jokes makes it memorable and a must-see.

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