PSX Impressions: Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

Marvel Vs Capcom is my absolute favorite fighting series. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 stole way too much time from my life, so I'm eager to see what's new in this game aside that Mega Man is now more than just a skin of Zero. It also looks like the Infinity Stones will be playing into the mechanics of the game. Also it seems like there will be two on two battles, opposed to the typical 3v3 battles that had become a staple of this series.

One last thing is that the inclusion of Captain Marvel is exciting, but rumors that the X-Men have been ditched completely is a little bit saddening. I'll definitely miss Wolverine, and Marvels effort to only focus on its MCU properties could work in favor and detriment to the roster. It'll be interesting to see what characters will end up in this. Okay, just one, one, more. Can we get Phil Coulson as a character? That'd be just the best. I'll update this when gameplay footage goes live later today during the Capcom Cup.

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