PSX Impressions: The Last of Us Part II

Last of Us Part II was a perfect finale to an incredible PSX conference. A genuine surprise that, within just a couple minutes, reminded me why I loved the original so much. Taking place at least a couple years after the events of the previous game, Ellie is in the middle of some sort of personal vendetta. It's strange to see an Ellie who is so different and filled with hate. Someone who had be irrevocably changed by a recent event.

The whole trailer was running in engine and it's gorgeous. Maybe even surpassing Uncharted 4 in visuals, although this is early and we all know things change with graphics when you eventually get the end product. Looking at you Watchdogs.

According to information gained from the PSX panel, the game takes place several years later and Ellie is nineteen now. We also found out that we will be playing as Ellie rather than Joel this time around. What does this mean for Joel's chances of making it out alive? My guess is it's going to be pretty grim.

No release date was attached to the announcement but I would say early 2019 with since they explicitly stated that the footage was very early on. This easily shot to the top of my most anticipated games list.

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