Keijo!!! Review: Dragon Butt Z (or Dragon Ball T&A)

For those of you still confused or in denial despite reading the title of this review and seeing the image above, this is a review of an ecchi anime. Normally this genre would not be considered worthy of a a review, nor something I would want to attach my name to.

But the racy genre attached to Keijo!!! shouldn't give you pause. Sure, this program delivers all the PG-13 fan service and uncomfortably lewd moments that you may expect, but it delivers them in a hilarious and blatant manner.

Keijo!!! is essentially about a fictional sport that makes Quidditch seem rather lackluster by comparison. Girls climb onto a floating pad and must knock one another off using only their breasts and buttocks. There. I said it. And in Keijo!!!, it's all about the buttocks.

But unlike other too-naughty-for-Nickelodeon titles that rely on poorly written tropes with the express intent of arousing very repressed and odd people, this anime is legitimately funny. It is perverse, but it doesn't play coy with it. And the best thing about it are the moves, moves such as: Vacuum Butt Cannon, Ass of Vajra, and Titty Hypnosis. Oh and there's a Karate Kid unique training episode that consists of the protagonist pickings turnips for days. With her ass. For days.

In short, Keijo!!! has the action of any sports or fighting shonen, the intensely lowbrow humor of a Farrelly Brothers movie, and enough butts to give you college credit for a minor in proctology. You should watch Keijo!!! because it is far too funny to pass up on the grounds that it is ecchi.

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