Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Netflix really took a risk launching this dramatic manga-based program. Sadly, that risk is not paying off, which is a genuine shame as Netflix released the show with zero promotion. Midnight Diner takes place at a late night izakaya (think gastropub minus the pretentiousness) where bizarre and interwoven events take place, catalyzed by or directly involving a particular dish served.

The directions these stories go in can be surreal, but are always incredibly genuine and saturated with a medley of emotions and a rich portrayal of the human spirit and the oftentimes bizarre turns our lives can take in relation to one another.

Every episode leaves the viewer feeling a strong attachment for both the ups and downs that weave the tapestry of every person's existence. It may sound sappy, it may sound cliche, but it is, for this show, also the truth. This program is Chicken Ramen for the Soul, and should be watched at all costs.

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