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Harvey Beaks: Adorable Neuroses

Harvey Beaks is a cute show made by C. H. Greenblatt, a man known best for his previously cute and wonderful show, Chowder. The show features a bluish-colored bird for whom the show is named. Harvey is unique among children's protagonists in that he is not the least bit self insertable, nor is he comically dim-witted or quick to anger with the usual, predictable, slapstick results.

Harvey is neurotically milquetoast, obsessively plays by the rules, and fixates on ensuring everyone has a good, safe, family-friendly time. The marvelous catch to this takes the form of his two best friends: Fee and Foo, fraternal twin forest goblin...sprite...things. They are his antithesis in that they never follow rules and find violence and petty crime to be more than a mere pastime...but a way of life.

This usually ends with Harvey having a neurotic episode, an identity crisis, or a world-shattering anxiety attack. But at the end of the day, Fee and Foo, along with the majority of the amiable and humorous animals that inhabit the forest village of Littlebark Grove, love Harvey and make amends for their causing him the slightest distress.

This show is cute, comfy, and funny. This show has a unique style that sets it apart from so many cookie cutter Cal-arts shows. This show is a lesson to cartoonists everywhere: Nickelodeon despises cartoons.

You heard me. If it isn't live-action, or the grandfathered-in cash cow Spongebob Squarepants, they don't want it. They rejected every Cartoon Network program that was pitched to them first. They buried Harvey Beaks with a bizarre, once-every-new-moon-at-midnight time-slot. Presently, Harvey Beaks is slated to be canceled due to poor viewership. I hope that there's a future for the show elsewhere, but whether it lasts or not, this program should be watched and enjoyed by every family demographic.

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