Leo's Comfy Corner - Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Dragons? More Like D

Shows that get the most acclaim tend to be described with buzzwords such as "riveting," "suspenseful," and "intense." But there's very little vocal appreciation for programs that are cute, relaxing, or placidly paced. Slice of life gets far too little attention outside of Larry David's work. So without further ado, here is a take on a buzzword deserving of praise: comfy.

Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon is about a lesbian dragon maid. As obscene as that sounds, if anything, it subverts the perverse notions you may be having about it. Three's Company was a marvelous 70's sitcom with a premise straight out of an equally 70's-esque stag film. Steven Universe, another comfy show, is about lesbian space rocks and it is specifically targeted to children. Don't judge a lesbian dragon maid show by the premise.

The first subversion, in fact, is the obvious take on the cliche and fanservice-filled genre of the harem comedy. If this was done in formulaic fashion, Kobayashi would be a young man and there would be tons of accidental nudity. Instead, Kobayashi is a nonplussed woman who saves the life of a dragon. Indebted to her, the dragon takes on the form of a human-like woman and attempts to repay her the kindness she received.

What ensues is a dragon running errands, cooking meals, and trying to get along with humans, a creature she has little interest or compassion for...with the exception of Kobayashi, in whom she has projected feelings of love in lieu of gratitude for saving her life.

Effectively, this show manages to be surreal, sweet, and funny. Imagine if Alf was written and directed by Reiko Yoshida or if Invader Zim was adapted into a Cheers reboot by Larry David. Kobayashi is not riveting or exciting. It is, however, unique and comfy.

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