Leo's Comfy Corner: Demi-chan: Monster High meets K-On!

(2 out of 3 schoolgirls in this image are not human.)

Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Interviews with Monster Girls) is a show set in a universe where various monsters from mythology are revealed to the world as real, and must cope with being outsiders in human society. If this sounds familiar, it should. Supernatural beings thrown into normal society has become the fashionable trope these days both in the west and the east. Supernatural, True Blood, Monster Musume, are all just some examples.

However, Demi-chan has succubi, vampiresses, snow maidens, and a dullahan (the headless girl pictured above) and yet manages to do something unheard of for an anime with such an ensemble: keep things PG-13. You heard right. This show isn't risque. It isn't perverse. It's cute schoolgirls (and a succubus teacher) doing everyday things and struggling with social and personal problems while contending with various issues specific to their monstrous nature.

For example, the succubus schoolteacher must avoid physical contact with men to prevent them from becoming enraptured with her. As such, she is incredibly lonely. The vampire becomes exhausted from sunlight exposure during school hours, and the dullahan rarely has two free hands as she must carry her head around.

The show follows Tetsuo Takashi, a teacher who finds demi (nonhumans) fascinating, and has lengthy interviews with his supernatural students (and fellow aforementioned succubus teacher) between classes. The show is a lot less Monster Musume and a lot more Monster High meets K-On!. If you don't know what that means, it means this show is cute and comfy, and appealing to anyone between the ages of 12 and 90, male or female.

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