Little Witch Academia: Harry Potter and the Plagiarism Lawsuit

Pictured: Not Plagiarism

Little Witch Academia is one of the few anime out there not openly based on a book or a manga. I say 'openly' because the entire story is one big Harry Potter knockoff. I know this is going to get a lot of flack because it has been a relatively popular anime, but for the life of me I can't see why.

The story involves Akko, a young girl who dreams of being a witch, and gets accepted to Hogwar...err...Luna Nova Magical Academy. There, she meets a redhead prone to being teased named Ronald....errr...Lotte.

Pictured: Not Ron Weasley

Adding to their trio is the brainy, cynical Herm...Sucy. Whose mischievous personality is the one saving grace in the entire anime, and whose very name will be the war-cry of offended neckbeards who are enraged to hear me disparage this travesty of a show.

pictured: best girl

And with all the learning about punching trees (not whomping willows!), and her wealthy, blonde rival (not Draco!), and the Sorcerer's Stone (seriously?!?), and shopping in a place that's not Diagon Alley for an amazing broomstick that's not a Firebolt, it's hard to find an original thought in the show.

Granted, Diana (Draco) is not malicious, but actually works hard to be the best, and some episodes have semi-unique plots. Still, the whole affair feels like a Lorex watch you see in Chinatown: cheap, inferior, and probably illegal. Indeed, if this show was produced in Beijing rather than Japan there would be no inevitable backlash to this article, because it would be so obviously a knockoff it'd be a joke.

Pictured: Not a Rolex

Instead, this is one of the few anime that can be viewed on Netflix. This anime is so popular it went from a special to a show, and undoubtedly there will be a second season where they go to some wizard prison filled with ghosts that totally aren't dementors. Have some decency and abstain from viewing this color-by-the-numbers drivel. This show is to anime as this little number below (also on Netflix) is to Western animation...only this show is somehow popular!

pictured: not technically a crime

Stop supporting garbage, people. It's the only way to get decent narratives with compelling characters. You support garbage, you make garbage profitable. You make garbage profitable, it becomes the new norm for art.