My Hero Academia: Episode 29 Review

My Hero Academia continues to raise the stakes. After two episodes of training we are right back into the action as some of the students from UA begin to fight Stain, while local heroes deal with the attack of 3 Nomu that are ransacking the city.

From the get go Iida takes on Stain. I was expecting an exciting fight scene to go down between the two characters as Iida tried to take his revenge, but instead the fight lasts all of ten seconds as Stain immediately takes down Iida. In doing so we finally gain an understanding of Stain’s quirk. In an interesting twist, it’s not the cuts that he makes with his blade that paralyze his enemies, it’s when he tastes their blood. The paralysis duration however is dependent on the blood type of the victim.

This is shown during an intense battle between Deku and Stain, where Deku gets to show off some of his new abilities, but Stain shows that he isn’t going to be taken down easily. He quickly gets the smallest of cuts on Deku and paralyzes him within second. However, Todoroki comes in to save the day, thanks to some quick thinking on Deku’s part. After being saved by Todoroki, Deku's paralysis quickly wears off and he is very quickly back in the action.

It’s in this scene that we learn a lot about every character involved in this fight. My Hero Academia continues to impress with it’s character development created even in the tensest of moments. Todoroki is using his fire powers as well as his ice, after finally speaking to his mom, who horribly burned his face, when he was younger. We are given more context for the love Iida felt for his now permanently paralyzed brother, and why he is so angry. Most importantly though, we learn more about Stain.

Stain continues to be a much more complex villain than we were initially led to believe. He wants Heroes to be better and less selfish. That’s why he says he must kill Iida, because heroes must be selfless, and focusing on personal vengeance is not what a hero should be. He does however see a true hero in Deku, who stands up for his friends despite being outmatched. Stain even goes as far as to comment that he is going to leave Deku alive because he has so much potential.

One final revelation that is made very clear is that Shigaraki is not in charge. He is very much petty child. I’ll be interested to see what has made someone so young go so evil, but his chat with whomever is on the other end of the computer screen led me to believe that Shigaraki is nothing more than a puppet who is being given toys, and that it seems like Shigaraki may even be expendable.

If My Hero Academias’ track record continues it’s more than likely that those secrets will be revealed sooner than later, and the battle with Stain will likely conclude next episode. My guess is the students from UA will then be able to turn their attention the Nomu that are currently destroying the city.

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