My Hero Academia: Episode 30 Review

I’m still baffled by the pace that continues to purvey My Hero Academia. At this rate I’ll have to mention this at least once per review. MHA managed to wrap up the rest of the conflict not just with Stain but all of the Noumu. The show expertly gives us moments with characters we’ve come think of as villains, and the provides us with just enough information that we can feel like we can understand these characters a little more.

While the final battle with Stain was phenomenal (more on that later), my favorite moment of the show is when it shows Todoroki’s father, Endeavor. We’ve come to hate Endeavor as we watched the Tournament, because we’ve seen how terribly he’s mistreated his family. This episode however shows us why Endeavor is considered the #2 hero in the world. He saves people with ease, and quickly manipulates his fire abilities in interesting ways. Not only that but he shows everyone respect, including Gran Torino. It’s a stark contrast from the Endeavor that we’ve heard about so far.

Endeavor isn’t the only character turn around we see this episode. Iida finally realizes how selfish he was behaving, and together with Deku and Todoroki they defeat Stain in one hell of an epic confrontation. Seeing them play off each others abilities really got me excited for all the possibilities of future team ups as the show moves forward. When all three of them land the final blow, the music swells so spectacularly that it gives a very emotional sense of triumph.

One last surprise this episode had in store for us was Stain choosing to save Deku from a Noumu. Stain tolerates villains almost less than he does self centered heroes. It’s a quick, but fascinating revelation for the character. After saving Deku, Stain’s headband falls off revealing that he is disfigured. How did this happen? I’m not sure we will ever know. Because of My Hero Academias speedy pace I’m afraid that Stain might be left behind completely because he’s now

been imprisoned. I hope we get more time with this twisted character in the future, but it seems like MHA is going to be taking a step back in the coming weeks with what will likely have a final confrontation capping off the season in just a few episodes.

MHA continues to develop compelling characters at a blazing speed that is unlike almost anything on TV. It’s quickly become one of my most recommended shows, and although things are going to be slowing down, MHA uses these moments to lay the groundwork and raise the stakes in the coming conflicts.